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*So I did YWP with a goal of 30,000 and made it! This is the only chunk of my… monstrosity that I have deemed suitable to see the light of day. My work is called Bloodtied, and it’s about vampires (in short). This is is when one of my main characters wakes up after being turned into a vampire (and had a pretty bad nightmare about the whole experience) and she is needless to say not happy about the whole thing. Enjoy?*

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Congratulations, NaNos!!!!!

This was another fun and (hopefully) successful year for the NaNo community! How are your novels? Did you reach 50,000? If so, WWWWOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOO YOU RULE. If not, you still are super amazing for taking the time to write this month!

This year was pretty lame, submission-wise so I did not have much to post. We can do better next year, right? 

Now, for the month of December, I invite you to submit excerpts from your novels to share with the NaNoWriMoThings community!

Congrats again on another fantastic year of NaNoWriMo!

WriMo hugs,


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Hiya, folks!

Happy 20,000 words day!! I hope your novels are coming along swimmingly with intense imagery and climactic characterization! Just 2 quick notes for you:

  • This blog would not exist were it not for submissions, so PLEASE KEEP SUBMITTING THINGS!!!!!!
  • We are almost to our next 100 followers so tell your friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, pen pals, duelers, chefs, kung fu masters, fellow coven members, prisoners, and genies about this blog!

As always, thank you for your hard work and continuous support!

WriMo Hugs,


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